Frequently Asked Questions

Alerts and Notifications

  • Can I receive alerts via text message?

  • Can I have alert notifications sent to multiple email addresses and multiple mobile phones?

  • Can I create customized alerts?

  • I drove over the the programmed speed threshold, why didn't I receive a speed alert?

  • How do I turn on e-mail notifications for alerts?

  • How do I stop receiving alert notifications in my e-mail?

  • Why don't I receive any e-mail alert notifications?

  • I crossed a geo-fence, why didn't I receive an alert?

  • Why do I see multiple geo-fence alerts at about the same time when I crossed the geo-fence only once?

  • Why did I receive a geo-fence alert even though I didn't move my vehicle?

  • Is there a limit on how many email addresses or mobile phone number I can enter to receive notifications?

  • What is the approximate time to receive an alert notification through email or a text message?

Customer Assistance

Dashboard Page

Delphi Connect Account and App Assistance

General Information

  • What is Delphi Connect?

  • Does the module work like a phone?

  • What is the Delphi Connect Account?

  • Do I need a Smartphone to use the Delphi Connect system?



  • Does the module impact my gas mileage?

  • How many vehicles can I install it in?

  • Why don't I see the right vehicle at the top of my Dashboard page?

  • How do I set up and install the module?

  • How do I know if I am out of my wireless carrier's coverage area?

  • Can I install my module while the car is running?

  • I installed my module while my vehicle was running. Will it work?

  • I plugged my module into my OBD II port but I don't see my vehicle when I log into the app or portal. Why?

  • Will my module work with the telematics system that came with my car, examples include Mercedes mBrace, Lexus Enform, Hyundai BlueLink, BMW ConnectedDrive, Volvo On Call?

  • Will my module work with the GM Onstar telematics system that came with my car?

  • I have more than one module on my account, why don't I see all of my vehicles?

  • How do I add an additional module to my account?

Key Fob

Live Tracking

  • What happens if you hit the call 911 button while live tracking?

  • How do I start live tracking?

  • Why is live tracking limited to 10 minutes?

  • I was tracking a vehicle and it stopped giving me a location and then started up again. Why?

  • After live tracking for 10 minutes, how long do I have to wait to restart live tracking?

  • Why does the car on live tracking jump when it moves?

  • Why does the vehicle icon show red (ON) in live tracking and the engine icon is OFF on the dashboard?


  • What is the blue dot on my location screen?

  • I installed my module and it won't pick up my current location. Why?

  • I don't see all my vehicles on the map?



  • How do you use the data collected on my vehicle?

  • Does Delphi or my wireless carrier track me or my cars without my knowledge?

Recent Trips

  • How can I program the module to track my mileage?

  • Why can't I see my trip on the recent trips?

  • I installed my module, but the recent trip does not show my starting point. Why?

  • How do I print my trip log?


  • What happens if I get a new vehicle?

  • Can I use the unit on more than one vehicle?

  • I unplugged my module before I took it to the dealership. How do I re-install it? Do I have to do everything again?


  • Why do the lights on the module change color while I drive?

  • Why does my module only show a blue light?

  • I have unplugged the unit from my vehicle and plugged it back in, what do I need to do?

  • My battery was disconnected recently and I can't connect to my vehicle, what should I do?

  • The LED shows solid blue, what should I do?

Vehicle Health

  • I have a Check Engine Light on but I don't see anything on the Health page. Why?

  • What codes are pulled during a vehicle health scan (pending, active, historical)?

  • Can I clear Diagnostic Codes in my car?


  • How do I change my Wi-Fi settings?

  • What is the difference between the shut off time and the force shut off time?

  • Can I disconnect or disallow a device from using the Wi-Fi hotspot?

  • How many devices can I connect to my Delphi Connect Wi-Fi hotspot?

  • How will using the Wi-Fi hotspot affect my data usage?

  • How do I activate my hotspot?

  • How do I change my login information for my hotspot connection?

  • Will using my hotspot drain my battery?

  • Can I access my mobile hotspot from outside the vehicle?